Maranatha Bible Society = FarcesRus, Richard E. Rhoades = The Omniscient King Farce


Hey Ken Brandt, Hey Dale and Dane Koller, Hey David Doyle, Hey Henry Dziczkowski...Does this EDIFY You?

I am intending to write and publish a book delineating my escapades involving the Maranatha Bible Society. That it is not going to win the Pulitzer Prize, or even be on the best sellers list is not a concern. What is a concern is that there is a religious fellowship (the MBS) that is a stench in the Nostrils of God Almighty, and I want to make, as a matter of permanent public record, my objection thereto.

My book will be on record in the Library of Congress, that nobody will read it I do not care…God has read it, and Richard E. Rhoades and his Maranatha Bible Society et al, will be held accountable.

How I am going to accomplish the majority of this is to take what I have already written and edit this material into chapters. But, I still need to write a Foreword, an Introduction, maybe a Preface and a Conclusion.

This is the purpose of this Blog, below is my start at a Foreword and an Introduction…Hey Ken Brandt…Looky-here, I know the difference between Foreword and Forward…ain’t I smart.

This book is religious in nature, but is not a “religious” type book. The reason I am writing this is not to put forth my opinion about spirituality, doctrine or religion, it is to condemn in the strongest possible way I can, the Farcical Hypocrisy of a fellowship of which I was once a member, the Maranatha Bible Society. Also, I do not present this book as “Christian”.

First, a little about myself, then something about this puddle of religious diarrhea calling themselves by the above nauseating name. First, “diarrhea”…I am not bestowing upon them this word because I am a too goody-goody two shoes to write Shit…see everybody; SHIT…also notice that the word is in all capital letters. I instead am defining them as diarrhea because the word is by far more fitting to the actual make up of the character of these people. You see “Shit” has some constitution, some backbone, some fortitude, whereas “diarrhea has none. There is one other adjective that would be appropriate to ascribe to these people…“Vomit”. Between their identification to a religious puddle of diarrhea or a religious puddle of vomit, my personal preference is a puddle of diarrhea.

Actually both cognomens are interchangeable…this choice of an official title caused me to consider the denotation and connotation of both words; the word vomit is very apropos, because just the thought of what that word conveys causes nausea, but it’s stimulus-response allures to the word puke. “Puke” is too polite of a word to be used in conjunction with anything and everything relevant to the Maranatha Bible Society. Diarrhea, on the other hand, even not as nauseous as vomit, has the stimulus-response to the word Shit. The denotation AND connotation of SHIT is most simply and most fitting to BOTH Richard Edward Rhoades and his spawn, the Maranatha Bible Society.

My choice between Diarrhea and Vomit is not just a matter of hurling a colorful insult. In our culture, if you are displeased with someone, you call him or her a pile of, or a sack of, or a piece of…Shit. But that’s just an every-day insult. My opinion of the Maranatha Bible Society is far far more than an insult…it is my attempt to reduce to writing what these people in actuality are [1] . I consider their name as even a Farce!

I condemn these people with the strongest word in existence; Strong’s New Testament word (only used by Paul) #331…ANATHEMA !
It would be an affront, a vituperation, an opprobrium, to the dignity of any self-respecting turd in any august cesspool to have this fellowship as a co-occupant.

I need to delineate the above in a more exact detail. I don’t mean the style of cesspool that is non-offensive. I mean the open Out House style, where you can look down and see the ca-ca, and inhale the fragrance that comes wafting up…like some of the facilities that are in existence in the Metroparks…those turds, in that style of congregation, would be insulted to have anybody from the MBS jump in.
[1] I have made a comment that the MBS thinks “edification” is playing patty-cake in a kiddy-pool of vomit. Also, in association with the word vomit; there are members of this fellowship (if I used “vomit”), that are so spineless that they aren’t even chunks…they’re just puke water.

The reason I am so down of this fellowship is not because I disagree with them on doctrine (even though I do), it is because they are such stupendous, colossal, monumental, stinking FARCES !!

Being able to understand the above is not at all difficult. You need to know absolutely nothing about Theology; you need to know absolutely nothing about religion, you need to know absolutely nothing about Christianity…you don’t even have to know the Bible. The only requisite knowledge is to have a comprehension of just one word in the English language…Farce.

There are two areas of the profession of the Maranatha Bible Society that establishes these people as Gold Plated Farces, and BOTH of them are their fundamental, basis, essential, planks of Foundational Doctrine (these two points are replete throughout their publications):

· Anything and everything that is held to be true of an absolute necessity MUST be supported by a Thus Saith the LORD”.

The KJV is Perfect and Inerrant; the translators thereof were as inspired as any of the Old Testament Prophets.

Referencing the above two points:

Point One:

these people tout themselves about their sound doctrine. They tout themselves about their sound mind. They tout themselves on their “rightly word dividing”…and they TOUT themselves on Preaching the Gospel.

The Gospel they preach is not John 3:16, it is 1st Corinthians 15:3~4 (Jn 3:15 is the Gospel of the Kingdom, I Cor 15:3~4 is the Gospel of the Grace of God…this is NOT a matter of disagreement)

To maintain perfect clarity (this is not just a quote, this is copy & paste)

1 Cor 15:3-4

3 For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also
received, how that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures;

4 And that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures:
Take very austere attention to the last four words of both verses…“according to the scriptures

Back to Farceology, Farceism, Farceanetics…or just plain Farce-Farce-Farce! A) Given that the MBS is soooo adamant concerning doctrine being supported by a “Thus saith the LORD”, and B) the last four words of I Cor 15:3, and the last four words of I Cor 15:4…

Somebody…Anybody…show me in ANYTHING written by the late Richard E. Rhoades (Rev. Holy Farce himself)…in ALL of his printed material, in ALL of his video tapes, in ALL of his audio tapes, in anything produced by his three stooges Ken Brandt, Dale Koller and David Doyle…where the Gospel is ever preached…

According to the Scriptures

Point Two:
“The King James Bible is Perfect and Inerrant” AND “The translators thereof were Inspired”

These people make a great big fuss about the “S” in Geneses 1:2 being an upper case S. They make a great big fuss about the “S” in 1st Corinthians 12:13 being an upper case S…

Evidently, those are the only two places that capitalization matters!

To wit: If Richard E. Rhoades quotes Scripture; it is more then likely corrupted by his alterations of capitalization. Yes-sir-ee…Perfect and inerrant!

Besides the personal pronouns; He, Him and His, below are some of the words that R.E.R. likes to correct the translators of the King James Bible in relation to their application of capitalization:

· Word
· Gospel
· Truth
· Scriptures
· Spirit
Above are just R.E.R.’s routine, normal, everyday corruptions. The most egregious corruption, defilement, profaning, vulgar, etc. “corrections” Rev. Holy Farce makes are in the below three verses:

· Ephesians 1:13
· Ephesians 4:30
· I Thessalonians 4:8
Richard E. Rhoades preaches sermons, writes books, records video about the upper case or lower case of the S in Gen 1:2 and I Cor 12:13.

Then King Farce will turn right around and change the H!

Henry Dziczkowski, an Elder of the Maranatha Bible Society, and probably the most stalwart disciple of R. E. Rhoades, has said to me…his lips to my ears (paraphrase):

“There are no upper case or lower cars in Hebrew of Greek, therefore it is up to the individual believer to assign capitalization. I have the liberty to do this”

He liked to alter word of God, or word of the Lord to Word of God, etc. I have written in detail my opinion of this person, just Google “Henry Dziczkowski”.
. book is finished.

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